Peter Goldsmith Design Diamond R.E.S CNC wooden kit

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Description "Peter Goldsmith Design Diamond R.E.S CNC wooden kit"

50 years ago, the cost of getting started in our great hobby was almost unachievable. Due to the expense of RC equipment, many new pilots chose the path of RC soaring. The simple 2ch sailplane was affordable, easy to build and fly. This was one of the catalysts towards the great soaring boom in the 80’s. The romance of flying a simple 2ch RC sailplane was etched in our hearts and now often Reminisced. The “Diamond” sailplane captures the romance of those classic soaring times. Its economically priced, extremely straight forward to build and easy to fly. This is also a perfect model to try your hand at building for the first time. The Diamonds simple construction only requires 25-30 hours of build time. The kit includes all laser cut parts, spar stock, sheeting and hardware. All you need is your favorite covering, glue, servos and power system to get you up and flying.

"Peter Goldsmith Design" models are lovingly designed models with a little touch of retro style. Peter Goldsmith himself writes: "Building a model airplane from a kit gives a deeper satisfaction with the RC experience - For the modeler, there is no greater joy than building your own model." All kits are manufactured under license in Europe and appeal more to the experienced modeler who does not need assembly instructions written down to the last detail. Design freedom is still possible here, as it once was in the golden era of model building.


Technical data

Wing-span (mm):2500
Flight weight approx. (g):680-850
Manufacturer:Peter Goldsmith
Wings:Wood/rib construction
Rec. engine:BL Outrunner
Rec. Battery:3S 1300 bis 2200mAh Lipo
Flight Skill:Advanced
Build Skill:Professional
Drive Type:Electric

Box contents

“ CNC laser cut/milled wooden kit

“ div. small parts

building plan

- NO building instructions (only picture series as download)



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